A group of our colleagues from our office in Valencia, came over to the Netherlands for a work visit.

During this visit, they visited the Postjesweg 175 project in Amsterdam. On behalf of Van Wijnen,  Jeffrey Visbeen gave a guided tour and discussed designing, engineering and assembly of prefab casco’s for high-rise buildings.

To learn more about the process of producing prefab elements, the group visited concrete manufacturers. At MBS Casco they were warmly welcomed by Michel Uildriks, Michiel Munnike and Bjorn van Dijk. The halls showed several elements that were in production, and were engineered by Snijders Ingenieursgroep. In this way, the colleagues could experience of how calculating and modelling elements lead to producing these elements in the factory.

The 2nd day’s agenda included a visit to Geelen Beton. A wonderful family business with which Snijders Ingenieursgroep has enjoyed working for 30 years already! The colleagues were well informed by Peter Janssen and Wim Rongen about all the ins and outs involved in producing prefab elements.

Reinforcing elements is a critical part. Therefore a visit to GP Wapening in Venray was scheduled.  Once again, our colleagues from Valencia came up short to see how our models and drawings were converted (semi-automatically) into reinforcement baskets. Throughout the afternoon, Pieter de Haart was enthusiastically answered the hundreds of questions.

Our partner Byldis filled in the final day. Byldis and Snijders Ingenieursgroep work closely together and Byldis is a co-founder of our Tekla department in Valencia. During the tour, Hein Moors, René Weijers, Yerodin Juliana, Ana Paula Mendes and Lucas Vreeswijk managed to leave colleagues with a great impression about the sandwich elements produced by Byldis.

Besides instruction en training there was also time for relaxing. While enjoying snacks and drinks there was also time to get to know colleagues from Veldhoven and Montevideo (Uruguay)

Again, many thanks to Van Wijnen, MBS Cascobouw, Betonfabriek Geelen, GP Wapening and Byldis  for their hospitality and enthusiasm with which they welcomed our colleagues from Valencia.