News about Snijders Ingenieursgroep

September 28, 2020

Visit Stedelijk College Eindhoven

On the 21st of September a few engineers from Snijders Ingenieursgroep had a guided tour at the project “Stedelijk College” in Eindhoven. Snijders Ingenieursgroep is responsible for the engineering of the prefab concrete frame with detailing. Our colleagues had a fun and educational day where they saw their designs realized.
November 6, 2019

Valencia, tapas and a T-Ford: Snijders exists 40 years!

On the first of november 2019 Snijders has celebrated the milestone of 40 years existence of the company. In 1979 Adviesburo voor Bouwkonstrukties Ing. L. Snijders was established by Leo Snijders from his attic. Now, 40 years later, it has grown into an engineering office specialised in engineering (mainly) precast concrete constructions. A team of 60 engineers divided over locations…
September 18, 2019

Trimble visits Snijders Ingenieursgroep during the annual precast study trip

In  the past 7 years Tekla's developer Trimble has organised an annual Precast Study Trip with the purpose for companies in the precast industry worldwide to get acquainted with leading companies in the European precast industry. This year Norway, Belgium and The Netherlands were the destinations. In these countries leading precast companies were asked to host a meeting. Construsoft, Trimbles…
NieuwsSnijdersSnijders Engineering Group
August 28, 2019

Innovative Snijders sets an example for businesses in Zeeland

the province Zeeland is currently facing a challenge. There is a big shortage of employees in different work areas. The municipality Hulst has joined forces with different businesses to address this challenge. From this a collaboration has emerged with Valencia (Spain) where the unemployment is still very high. The collaboration between Valencia and Hulst is focused on sharing each others…
NieuwsSnijdersSnijders Engineering Group
March 25, 2019

Snijders takes a chance with Engineers in Spain

The substantial expansion of Snijders Ingenieursgroep has not been unnoticed. Peter Scholtes from the local newspaper in Eindhoven (Eindhovens Dagblad) has approached Snijders for an interview with director Curro Verhagen. The page wide interview focuses mainly on the development of Snijders in Spain. Curro Verhagen explains that due to the huge shortage in high quality Structural Engineers in The Netherlands…
NieuwsSnijdersSnijders Engineering Group
March 11, 2019

Snijders Valencia is bursting at the seams

Alot has happened since the start of Snijders Engineering Group in Valencia a few months ago, in November 2018 the first Revit Modelers have started working in the beautiful office of Regus Valencia. After an intensive training they have been working on various Snijders Ingenieursgroep projects at full throttle these last few months. The first expansion didn't take long because a…
February 13, 2019

Snijders Ingenieursgroep has welcomed the 50th engineer

Shams Hamidi graduated the Technical University Eindhoven in 2018 with a specialization in Structural Design and has started working as a structural engineer for Snijders Ingenieursgroep since february 2019. Snijders Ingenieursgroep now counts a total of 50 engineers in the team. During the last few years Snijders Ingenieursgroep has made a strong growth and for the upcoming years the order…
SnijdersSnijders Engineering Group
February 1, 2019

Excellent achievement during ISO 9001 audit

During the annual ISO 9001 audit the managementsystem of Snijders Ingenieursgroep was tested. The accent this audit was put on realizing some points of improvement and the way Snijders Ingenieursgroep has handled market threats. Snijders Ingenieursgroep received a big compliment from the external auditor of Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for realizing the following goals. The realization of the new housing. Because…