Christmas Jumper Day 2023

The Christmas Jumper Day has become a permanent tradition within the Snijders Group. We want to end the year in a fun way with this tradition.

We would like to thank all our clients and employees for the confidence they have in our organization.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2024 to you all!

Workvisit project Bestcon

Last May, the last group from Valencia had the opportunity to participate on another workvisit to various companies in Veldhoven. It was a fruitful and enlightening experience that allowed us to witness the practical implementation of our projects and gain valuable insights into the construction industry.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had the pleasure of visiting Bestcon, where we were given a comprehensive tour by Jeroen van Helvoirt. It was a fantastic opportunity to see how the elements we had developed were being manufactured. Witnessing the process firsthand was both enjoyable and educational, giving us a deeper appreciation for the practical application of our work.

The following day, we visited Riboton B.V., where we observed the production of various elements that we had contributed to. Sander Boer and Jefrey van Capel graciously provided us with a guided tour and even treated us to a delightful lunch. It was a valuable experience to see our designs taking shape in different forms and gaining a better understanding of the production process.

Our work visit also took us to Amsterdam, where we had the chance to explore the Stepstone and Fibonacci projects, both realized by VORM Holding. We were thrilled to witness our integrated engineering becoming a reality. We extend our gratitude to Bjorn van Dijk, Jeroen Stam, and Corshant Martes for their insightful tour, which further enriched our understanding of the practical implementation of our work.

Verhoeven Timmerfabriek was our next stop on Thursday, where we were astounded by the craftsmanship displayed in the creation of wooden masterpieces. Michiel Hendriks provided us with an informative tour, and we left with a deep admiration for the skill and dedication required to produce such intricate pieces.

Lastly, we had the pleasure of visiting BAM Wonen, located conveniently close to our office. Here, we had the opportunity to witness the beautiful combination of (prefab) concrete and wood in their projects. Pablo Moraes, our colleague from Uruguay shared his impressions, expressing his amazement at the level of planning and organization involved in ensuring smooth and efficient construction processes. He was particularly intrigued by the complexity of the moulds used in the prefabrication process, and the attention to detail required to create them. The visit expanded his knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in prefabricated components.

Overall, our work visit was a remarkable experience that allowed us to witness the practical realization of our projects and gain a deeper understanding of the construction industry. We are grateful to all the companies and individuals who generously shared their expertise and provided us with valuable insights. We look forward to implementing this newfound knowledge in our future endeavors.

Personnel event with E-shopper

Our day out took place in June. Due to Corona, this event has been delayed for a long time, so everyone was looking forward to it even more! On an E-shopper we toured through the Someren landscape. We made three stops. At the first restaurant, we enjoyed a delicious starter. A second stop, we enjoyed a main course in the middle of nature and ended with a plate of various desserts. We were very lucky with nice weather and drove around in the sunshine. We all enjoyed this day and are looking forward to the next event!

TU Fair & Drinks with award ceremony

Last March, Snijders Engineering Group participated in the “Bouwkunde Bedrijvendagen” at Eindhoven University of Technology. Sebastiaan and André represented the stand at the fair. The stand showed photos and videos of various projects by Snijders Ingenieursgroep. There was also a  competition; What is the weight of the sandwich. Many students participated. You could win a weekend in Valencia. Who wouldn’t want that? The participation in the fair was very successful and we introduced students to precast concrete structures.
The winner of the competition has also received her prize . She was invited to the offices of Snijders Ingenieursgroep. While enjoying a snack and a drink we handed over the prize. Renske and Thom, we wish you lots of fun in Valencia!

Karin 25 years in business

It is already 25 years ago that Karin started working at Snijders Ingenieursgroep. Over the years, she  became an administrative all-rounder. Karin is always there for Snijders Engineering Group and you can contact her for anything. She is an appreciated colleague! Therefore, this special anniversary we cant’t let it pass by unnoticed. As a surprise, we organised a reception. Together with family and colleagues, we made a great evening.
Karin thanks and on to the next anniversary!

Expansion of Valencia office

2022, a new year! This is also a new beginning for us. In January, eight new colleagues joined our team in Valencia. It concerns two structural engineers, two Revit modelers and four Tekla modelers. We are pleased with the expansion of our team and look forward to working with them on beautiful projects in the future! To all new colleagues, a warm welcome to Snijders Engineering Group and good luck with this new challenge!

Biesbosch open water race

Snijders Ingenieursgroep and have sponsored the eighth edition of the Biesbosch Open Water Race and the Open Dutch Championship 2021. You could easily recognise our flags at the finish line! More than 80 volunteers, 32 sponsors, 380 race starters, 80 performance swimmers for “ALS het je raakt” made this event possible. The weekend was full of surprises. The championship prizes were handed out by the Federal Coach Open Water Swimming Thijs Hagelstein, the “Brabants Buske” came by to make a live report on Omroep Brabant and with the achievement tour they managed to raise 2000 euros for ALS het je raakt! It was a pleasure for us to contribute to this event, which also supports the ALS charity.

Michel 25 years in business!

It is already 25 years ago that Michel started working at Snijders Ingenieursgroep as a modeller. Over the years, he has developed into a project manager. In good and bad times, Michel is always there for Snijders Engineering Group and is a appreciated colleague!

We celebrated this unique anniversary in a small group because of the current Corona measures. Together with his wife, daughter, mother and all his colleagues from Snijders Ingenieursgroep, we had a nice and pleasant party.
Michel congratulations and on to the next anniversary!

Quiz: Quality always wins!

Snijders Ingenieursgroep organized a quiz for all its engineers.
The construction faults had to be discovered with the help of various photos.
A very educational exercise that tested the knowledge, experience and creativity of the engineers. After an intense “quiz battle”, an expert jury, chaired by Sebastiaan, selected the winners in the various categories.
Both colleagues from Valencia and Veldhoven have won prizes. Congratulations gentlemen and have fun with your prizes!


Below on the photo Thijs. The winner in the “sustainability” category.

Mexican lunch for all Snijders colleagues!

To keep up the spirits and reward everyone’s hard work, we had a delicious Mexican lunch with Mariachi music prepared in Valencia and in Veldhoven.

Our office in Valencia enjoyed several individual dishes and in Veldhoven there was a food truck with delicious different types of tacos.

Fortunately, we now see that the number of coronas infected is going in the right direction. The government has started to ‘relax’ the measures. We will have to hold on together, but the end is in sight.

The lunch ensured that we were able to relax and eat with our colleagues in a responsible manner.