Christmas Jumper Day 2023

The Christmas Jumper Day has become a permanent tradition within the Snijders Group. We want to end the year in a fun way with this tradition.

We would like to thank all our clients and employees for the confidence they have in our organization.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2024 to you all!

Nieuwbouw Heinekenhoek Leidseplein Amsterdam

The “Nieuwbouw Heinekenhoek Leidseplein te Amsterdam” project is a testament to the power of collaboration and expertise. This venture, engineered by Snijders Ingenieurs Groep and produced by Byldis, has been a testament to commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of engineering. Recently, a significant milestone was celebrated – the project reached its highest point.

Farewell Curro Verhagen

In 1998, Curro Verhagen joined the Snijders Ingenieursgroep as an external business consultant, with the aim of mapping out and streamlining our processes. What started as an external consultant ended up as a director after having been a member of the Management Team for a number of years.

In 2009 he took over from the management at that time, and became CEO. Despite setbacks, but with a clear vision, Snijders Ingenieursgroep, under Curro’s leadership, consolidated and has grown into an international organization with offices in the Netherlands, Spain and Uruguay.

Now, after 25 years, the time has come for a well-deserved retirement!

Needless to say, a 25th anniversary and retirement is cause for celebration. Preparations have been made in the deepest secrecy to complete the surprise for Curro. Completely surprised, he arrived at De Mispelhoef together with his wife and children. After various speeches, with amusing anecdotes and photos about the past years, a pleasant evening with music, snacks and drinks could be enjoyed.

Now that Curro is about to enjoy his retirement, his colleagues wish him a well-earned rest and all the best for the future.
Curro is succeeded by Willem Rooijakkers, Michel Ramakers and Raymond de Jager. With a solid foundation and promising leadership, Snijders Ingenieursgroep is ready for the future!

New office in Montevideo, Uruguay

Since 1 June 2022, we have an office in Montevideo, Uruguay. We are very excited to move into our new office in this vibrant city. A place where we can realise projects in South America and Europe. The Montevideo office has been carefully designed with a modern look and feel, employing a team of twenty engineers. From this strategic hub, we work on exciting challenges and take on new projects, expanding our reach and impact.

SIG contribution to Ibis Styles hotel Rotterdam

The latest edition of Industriebouw has just been published, with a lot of attention for the Ibis Styles Hotel in Rotterdam. Snijders Ingenieurs Groep (SIG) is also represented in this edition with a nice contribution from Willem Rooijakkers, a member of the board of SIG. In the interview, he explains how SIG played a double role in the realization of the new ibis Styles hotel. As the main structural engineer, SIG calculated the main supporting structure on behalf of BOBgroep and for Stabiel Management, it provided the engineering of all prefab concrete and steelwork. The main bearing structure is the backbone of any building, and SIG’s contribution in this area was instrumental in creating a solid foundation for the hotel.

You can read the interview here.
You can read the full edition here.

Dag van de Bouw (Construction Day)

Last weekend, June 17, we had an outing on the occasion of ‘Dag van de Bouw’ (Construction Day). We had the opportunity to visit two projects in Eindhoven that we are working on ourselves. These projects are Eurostaete and Groot Hartje, located next to the Philips Stadium at Strijp S. After the visits we enjoyed a joint lunch at the bustling Strijp S.


Walking through the construction sites was inspiring and very informative. We even hopped on the construction elevator and ascended to the 9th floor, where we had the opportunity to explore one of the apartments that will soon be occupied. It’s incredible to witness the progress firsthand and see how our hard work is shaping these impressive buildings. After the visits, we all had a nice lunch together.


Hats off to Stam + De Koning Bouw (a VolkerWessels company) for organizing the day so well. They made sure we had a fantastic time and gained valuable insights into the construction process.

Personnel event for speed demons

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our recent personnel event, which took place last May. This time, we decided to indulge our need for speed and went karting. The event garnered significant interest, with a fantastic turnout from our colleagues who were eager to join in on the excitement.

After a brief explanation of the rules and safety precautions, the first round kicked off. As expected, it took a bit of time for everyone to get accustomed to driving the karts. However, with each lap, their skills improved significantly, and the competition between participants grew intense. It was exhilarating to witness our colleagues unleash their inner speed demons, pushing themselves to the limit on the track.

Following the third round, we reached the eagerly anticipated final round. The tension was palpable as the top contenders battled it out for the ultimate victory. With the race coming to an end, we crowned a champion who emerged as the fastest driver of the day. The announcement of the winner was met with thunderous applause and cheers, accompanied by a spirited rendition of the Dutch national anthem.

To conclude the evening, we gathered for a delightful meal from the table grill. The camaraderie and shared excitement from the karting experience continued as we savored delicious food together. It was a perfect opportunity to unwind, bond, and relish in the success of the event.

The personnel event was an overwhelming success, leaving us with lasting memories and an eagerness for the next event on the horizon. We extend our gratitude to all the participants for their enthusiastic involvement and commendable sportsmanship throughout the karting experience. Let’s carry this spirit forward and eagerly anticipate the next exciting event that awaits us.

Workvisit project Bestcon

Last May, the last group from Valencia had the opportunity to participate on another workvisit to various companies in Veldhoven. It was a fruitful and enlightening experience that allowed us to witness the practical implementation of our projects and gain valuable insights into the construction industry.

On Tuesday afternoon, we had the pleasure of visiting Bestcon, where we were given a comprehensive tour by Jeroen van Helvoirt. It was a fantastic opportunity to see how the elements we had developed were being manufactured. Witnessing the process firsthand was both enjoyable and educational, giving us a deeper appreciation for the practical application of our work.

The following day, we visited Riboton B.V., where we observed the production of various elements that we had contributed to. Sander Boer and Jefrey van Capel graciously provided us with a guided tour and even treated us to a delightful lunch. It was a valuable experience to see our designs taking shape in different forms and gaining a better understanding of the production process.

Our work visit also took us to Amsterdam, where we had the chance to explore the Stepstone and Fibonacci projects, both realized by VORM Holding. We were thrilled to witness our integrated engineering becoming a reality. We extend our gratitude to Bjorn van Dijk, Jeroen Stam, and Corshant Martes for their insightful tour, which further enriched our understanding of the practical implementation of our work.

Verhoeven Timmerfabriek was our next stop on Thursday, where we were astounded by the craftsmanship displayed in the creation of wooden masterpieces. Michiel Hendriks provided us with an informative tour, and we left with a deep admiration for the skill and dedication required to produce such intricate pieces.

Lastly, we had the pleasure of visiting BAM Wonen, located conveniently close to our office. Here, we had the opportunity to witness the beautiful combination of (prefab) concrete and wood in their projects. Pablo Moraes, our colleague from Uruguay shared his impressions, expressing his amazement at the level of planning and organization involved in ensuring smooth and efficient construction processes. He was particularly intrigued by the complexity of the moulds used in the prefabrication process, and the attention to detail required to create them. The visit expanded his knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in prefabricated components.

Overall, our work visit was a remarkable experience that allowed us to witness the practical realization of our projects and gain a deeper understanding of the construction industry. We are grateful to all the companies and individuals who generously shared their expertise and provided us with valuable insights. We look forward to implementing this newfound knowledge in our future endeavors.