During the annual ISO 9001 audit the managementsystem of Snijders Ingenieursgroep was tested. The accent this audit was put on realizing some points of improvement and the way Snijders Ingenieursgroep has handled market threats.

Snijders Ingenieursgroep received a big compliment from the external auditor of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for realizing the following goals.

  1. The realization of the new housing. Because of this Snijders Ingenieursgroep has good workplaces for the employees and the organisation can continue it’s growth from a sustainable premises.
  2. The opening of the office of Snijders Engineering Group in Valencia. Snijders Ingenieursgroep managed to circumvent the tight labour market conditions in The Netherlands.
  3. The realized automation projects for the departments Tekla and Revit. These projects have lead to a more efficiënt procedures and have reduced the chance of errors.

Snijders Ingenieursgroep received a lot of appreciation for realizing these goals within the period of one year. For all employees in Veldhoven and Valencia an achievement to be proud of!

Snijders Ingenieursgroep will continue working in accordance with the quality of ISO 9001:2015 and will continue to critically evaluate it’s mangementsystem for a positive result of the recertification in 2020.