In January, another group of our colleagues had the opportunity to participate on another workvisit. At the construction site of our project Cambuur Leeuwarden, Pieter Tadema from the firm Van Wijnen reserved some time for us.

Also Haitsma Beton, a company with whom we are working together for quite some time already, took the time to guide the group. Bert van de Berg and Henk Beenen gave us a warm welcome and gave a guided tour. Also Elena Pravioti was part of the group, she really liked the visit, to actually see over there where you are spending a lot of time during your work. Now you really recognize parts of your work.  “Beyond the precast concrete ‘Producing good quality of precast elements is the key for a success business. I think the factory production follows a standardized system that makes the production substantially productive. A complex procedure, they make it simple due to the well-organized line and program they follow. Also really friendly and explanatory on the tour, ‘’ she says.

We would like to thank  Pieter Tadema, Bert van de Berg and Henk Beenen for making time for us and their enthusiasm.