Visit Stedelijk College Eindhoven

On the 21st of September a few engineers from Snijders Ingenieursgroep had a guided tour at the project “Stedelijk College” in Eindhoven. Snijders Ingenieursgroep is responsible for the engineering of the prefab concrete frame with detailing. Our colleagues had a fun and educational day where they saw their designs realized.

Valencia, tapas and a T-Ford: Snijders exists 40 years!

On the first of november 2019 Snijders has celebrated the milestone of 40 years existence of the company. In 1979 Adviesburo voor Bouwkonstrukties Ing. L. Snijders was established by Leo Snijders from his attic. Now, 40 years later, it has grown into an engineering office specialised in engineering (mainly) precast concrete constructions. A team of 60 engineers divided over locations Veldhoven (NL) and Valencia (ES) work daily on challenging projects in the Netherlands and Europe.

The 40 years milestone of Snijders has been celebrated with a visit to Valencia in september, a reception with tapas in the office in Veldhoven with a speciale surprise… A T-Ford car with the Snijders name and logo hand painted!

The T-Ford is a symbol for the thinking and acting according to the T-model, one of the most important starting points in the process management of Snijders Ingenieursgroep. The letter T is also the foundation of the Snijders motto: QualiTy, on Time, within the set Time!

Check out the T-Ford in this video.

On to the next anniversary!

Trimble visits Snijders Ingenieursgroep during the annual precast study trip

In  the past 7 years Tekla’s developer Trimble has organised an annual Precast Study Trip with the purpose for companies in the precast industry worldwide to get acquainted with leading companies in the European precast industry.

This year Norway, Belgium and The Netherlands were the destinations. In these countries leading precast companies were asked to host a meeting. Construsoft, Trimbles partner in The Netherlands for facilitating and supporting Tekla, has asked Snijders Ingenieursgroep to give a presentation to 30 participants from 7 different countries.

Curro Verhagen gave an introduction about Snijders Ingenieursgroep (Veldhoven) and Snijders Engineering Group (Valencia) after which Hein Moors showed how Snijders works with Tekla: how do we model in Tekla and how detailed are the projects being worked out. To illustrate this, the beautiful project Good Luck Hope was presented, which Snijders Ingenieursgroep is modeling in Tekla commissioned by Byldis. For the participants a striking example because after the presentation a visit to the Byldis factory was planned.

It was an educational morning, thanks to Trimble, Construsoft and all the participants. A good confirmation that Snijders Ingenieursgroep belongs to the top leaders in the precast industry!

39 years Snijders Ingenieursgroep

On the 39th anniversary of Snijders Ingenieursgroep we look back at the past. A past in which Leo Snijders started Snijders Ingenieursgroep from his attic on 01/11/1979. A past with lows, of which the crisis in the construction has been very hard. But mostly a past with many highlights. Highlights that have led to a strong and professional engineeringteam, good customers and partners and a portfolio with beautiful and unique projects after 39 years.

We are also looking at the present. A present in which we are located in a beautiful new location in Veldhoven. Looking at a present in which we also, very symbolically on 01/11/2018, opened a new office in Valencia, Spain, where 5 new and enthousiastic colleagues started working for Snijders Engineering Group. As Revit modelers they are now following a training from our Revit specialist and projectleader Raymond. To all our new colleagues in Valencia: a warm welcome to our team and the best of luck with this new challenge!

And so we are also looking at the future. A future in which Snijders Ingenieursgroep and Snijders Engineering Group want to belong to the best engineering offices in Europe and to make beautiful and unique projects within our core business: engineering and modeling precast concrete constructions.

For this we would like to expand our teams in Veldhoven and Valencia, so check out our vacancies and come join our team!

Tower The Muse in Rotterdam is starting to get it’s shape!

The Muse a by Barcode Architects designed luxurious new 75 meter high tower in the Wijnhaven in Rotterdam. Characteristic to this building is the oblique line in the towers’ shape from layer 5 to 9. The tower has a visual nod to one side.

An iconic building in the Maritime District. Together with several monuments such as the Sint Laurens church and the Willem de Kooning Academy but also with new typical projects such as de Markthal, The Muse will be a part of this new and dynamic part of Rotterdam.

Beautiful views on the river the Maas, the Willemsbrug and the skyline of Rotterdam. At walking distance from the Grote Markt The Muse offers 94 apartments varying from 80 to 200 m2 including 2 penthouses on the top floor. Building layers 1 to 3 will become the parking and there will be 2 commercial areas of respectively 400 and 500 m2 on the ground floor. The design also has storages on the 4th floor.

Commissioned by Smit’s Bouwbedrijf Snijders Ingenieursgroep will work out the precast concrete construction elements which will be delivered by Geelen Beton and Decomo. Snijders Ingenieursgroep will engineer the constructive steelwork and will make a set of implementation drawings based on the architectural- and implementation design to look after all the constructive aspects within this project. Furthermore Snijders Ingenieursgroep will function as engineering coördinator. This means that all constructive joining elements have to be aligned before they are sent to the chief engineer for evaluation.

The building process on The Muse is currently in full swing. On these pictures you can see how the tower is slowly getting it’s iconic shape. The mentioned oblique line in the towers’ shape is becoming visible. Furthermore you can see the in situ concrete walls and floors on the pictures for which Snijders Ingenieursgroep has fulfilled the role of executive engineer. Finally the pictures show the special balconies of The Muse. These balconies are special because the construction is exceptional and has not yet been applied in another building in Rotterdam!

Check the The Muse of Rotterdam for more information and keep an eye on our projectspage!

We are looking for a (senior) structural engineer for our office in Valencia, Spain!

Are you looking for a new challenge or adventure? Check out our new vacancy!

Snijders Ingenieursgroep is going on an adventure in Spain with met Snijders Engineering Group. We are going to conquer the Spanish market with our core business: engineering and modeling precast concrete constructions. To bring this to a success we are looking for a:

(senior) Structural Engineer in Valencia, Spain

Snijders Ingenieursgroep is a leading engineering bureau which is involved with the engineering, calculating and modeling of many big, complex and challenging building constructions within Europe.

At team of 35 colleagues is active for Snijders Ingenieursgroep and all are specialists in the designing and modeling of concrete-, steel- and wooden building constructions.

“Every new project for Snijders Ingenieursgroep is a new challenge!

The more difficult and complex… the more we like a project.”

As a structural engineer you choose to solve constructive challenges. You give asked and uninvited advice to the project developer, architect or contractor. Advice in which the forces of the main supporting structure are taken into account. In your daily activities you find it important to increase your knowledge of building constructions by working on various projects for renowned contractors, concrete- and steel suppliers.

In our organisation the bar is set high and you will be working within a team of top-specialists. We are offering a challenging and versatile job in which you can apply and extend your knowledge of constructions and engineering. To be able to properly carry out this job, the following demans are important:

  • A Bachelor or Masters degree in (Civil) Engineering or a minimum of 5 years work experience in the concerned field of expertise;
  • Demonstrable experience with the calculation of constructions in the utility building & apartments (high buildings);
  • You are well-grounded in constructions with knowledge of concrete and steel;
  • You are studious, ambitious and driven to grow by calculating challenging projects.

Our demands may be high but…

  • Do you have the goal of career growth in the upcoming years?
  • Would you like being involved in various and renowned projects?
  • Do you think working in our office in Valencia (Spain) for a period of 3 – 6 months or maybe longer is a great adventure?
  • Do you want to work within a team of specialists?

… than you will fit in our team!

Do you want to know more about this vacancy, please contact our human resource coördinator.
You can reach Karin through this telephone number: 040 2085250 (tuesday, thursday and friday)

Employment: fulltime

Finally: why would you want to work for us?

Working on challenging and unique projects in The Netherlands and Spain. Conquering the Spanish market together with really fun colleagues. And in the weekends enjoying the Spanish sun, tapas, paëlla, sangria and all the wonderful things the beautiful Valencia has to offer. In short, a very special career step!

Apply here!

Snijders Ingenieursgroep goes on an adventure in Spain!

After a thorough market research and the necessary preparations we have decided to open a business establishment of Snijders Ingenieursgroep in Spain. The beautiful Valencia will be the location of this business establishment where 5 Revit modelers will start working from november. And from january we will add Tekla modelers and engineers as new members of the Spanish team.

We have chosen a state of the art building of Regus. It is best situated relative to 3 important business districts in Valencia, nearby the port and opposite the Estadio Mastalla of Valencia FC!

An extensive selection took place amongst a lot of enthusiastic candidates. Therefrom we have chosen 5 talented and motivated Revit modelers en engineers who will be working under the name Snijders Engineering Group. We are also expecting a lot of interest in the vacancy of Tekla modeler for which we will be starting the selection procedure in short term.

At the start in november a Revit specialist and projectleader from Snijders Ingenieursgroep in The Netherlands will be giving a training for our new Spanish colleagues. After the training the Spanish team will be committed to support their Dutch colleagues in current Dutch projects. Thereafter they will discover the Spanish market to start new projects.

Valencia belongs to the top four business cities in Spain and we are convinced that our Spanish colleagues of Snijders Engineering Group will make a resounding success of our core business: engineering and modeling precast concrete constructions!

We are very proud of and enthusiastic about this big step in the development of Snijders Ingenieursgroep!

Curro VerhagenDirector

International open BIM award 2018 won by Pontsteiger!

The unique residential building Pontsteiger at the Amsterdam Houthaven is the winner of the international BuildingSMART Award 2018 in the category ‘construction’. This was announced during the ‘International Standards Summit’ in Tokyo.

Building combination Pontsteiger, consisting of Dura Vermeer, De Nijs and involved partners has realised the project fully according to open BIM standards. The open BIM ideas have been the thread running through the project from the development to the building process at which working together in a structured and unambiguously can lead to the increase of the integrality of the different parts, speeding up the alignment, facilitating in prefabrication and the increase of quality and safety during the building process.

One of the involved partners of Building combination Pontsteiger is Hoco Beton. They have delivered approximately 6500 m3 precast concrete in the form of stability walls, columns, balconies, roofing sheets, consoles or staircases. Hoco Beton has instructed Snijders Ingenieursgroep to engineer the precast concrete core- elevator and staircase walls. As one of the pioneers in 3D modeling Snijders Ingenieursgroep has taken this instruction and worked it out according to the open BIM ideas. With this Snijders Ingenieursgroep has made a good contribution to the unique project Pontsteiger, the rightfull winner of  the international BuildingSMART Award 2018.

BuildingSMART is an international non-profit organisation which develops open BIM-standards and stimulates the use of those standards. BuildingSMART International organizes an annual Award program. In this program a jury looks at how effective and innovative the open BIM-standards are applied in projects and how challenges can be overcome in the digital collaboration. BuildingSmart had difficulty looking at all the contributions this year and chosing a winner – there have never been so many contributions as this year.

This award is a confirmation that working in accordance with open BIM standards can lead to beautiful and unique results. Snijders Ingenieursgroep is proud of the contribution we have delivered to Pontsteiger!

Willem RooijakkersProjectleader

New name, new branding

From this moment on Adviesburo Snijders has changed it’s name to Snijders Ingenieursgroep. In an earlier post you have been able to read about our move from Valkenswaard to a magnificent new location in Veldhoven. We wanted a complete renewal in style so we also changed our logo and the website (

If any parts of the website aren’t functioning or do not meet up to your expactations, please let us know. You can send an e-mail to

Our location in Valkenswaard became to small. Our team of specialists keeps on growing so we were in need of a new and bigger location. We are very proud of our new office in Veldhoven.

Curro VerhagenDirector